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Site Safety

When Visiting The Site You Are Agreeing To the Following Conditions, Including The Testing and Driving Of Machinery & Vehicles:

  • Be aware at all times of pedestrians and vehicle/machinery movements
  • The wearing of Hi-Viz whilst on site is mandatory
  • Keys for machines must be obtained from the General Office. The use of generic keys is strictly prohibited
  • Operation of machinery must be carried out in a safe and controlled manner by a competent person
  • Machines and vehicles are prohibited from being driven around the site without the express permission of Brightwells
  • Any vehicle or machine being driven around the site must be supervised by a Brightwells member of staff
  • The site speed limit is 10mph
  • No children 12 years or under may enter the site
  • Dogs are not permitted on site
  • All visitors must be accompanied at all times
  • No photography is permitted
  • Appointments must be made to view items
  • Keys will not be handed to visitors as most vehicles will require a jump start, vehicles will be started on request
  • Photo ID will be required to gain access to our MoD Compound
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