The National Association of Motor Auctions' (NAMA) Code of Practice sets out standards and provisions which NAMA expects all its Members to adhere to in offering and providing their services to customers. Principles set out are not intended to interpret, qualify or supplement the law of the land.

NAMA regards it as a duty laid on its Members that they will accept the Code in its entirety. A customer who feels dissatisfied with the treatment received from a Member will be able to submit a complaint to NAMA.


As a member of the National Association of Motor Auctions we pledge the following to our customers:

  • To promote ‘Best Practice’ in the industry
  • To be fair to both seller and purchaser
  • To protect the purchaser against defect in title
  • To commit to the NAMA Code of Practice
  • To ensure all staff are familiar with customers’ rights under the Code
  • To have an easily identifiable procedure for the handling of complaints
  • To provide access to an independent arbitration facility